An Inventory Management and Storage Solutions company serving New York City, the Tri-State area, and beyond.

GAM Inventory Management offers ½ million square feet of completely customizable space. Our flexible shelving can accommodate any commercial storage needs, up to 40 feet high. Each item and each shelf is barcoded, scanned and added to a client’s inventory, ensuring that your valuable assets are never misplaced.

Our impeccably clean facility is conveniently located across the Hudson River in Manhattan, New York City. This makes it ideal for storing seasonal items such as snow removal equipment and landscaping equipment. We can also store customized benches, flooring, playground equipment, and oversized items. The cost of inventory will match your needs because you will never pay for more space than you actually use.

Commercial Storage

GAM offers commercial storage and logistical services for companies of all sizes and all types, with a specialty in the hospitality and interior design industries.

GAM’s business storage solutions are the most cost effective way to store.

Our ½ million square foot commercial storage warehouse facilities are centrally located, and are divided to focus on three major markets: the hospitality community, the interior design community, and the marketing industry.

To support their needs, we built three unique facilities. All three use the same tracking software and are guarded with the highest security.

With our efficient commercial storage systems, you never pay for unused space. Our customizable shelving helps you maximize your usable space, saving you money.

Enterprise commercial storage with GAM is designed to allow you to reclaim your space.

Finding the right commercial storage solution for your inventory can mean the difference between peace of mind and headaches. You have enough on your plate already, so let GAM handle all the logistical aspects of receiving, inspecting, imaging, shelving, storing, moving and reporting on your inventory.

You’ll be able to manage it all with the click of a button from your desktop or mobile device.

We are not your ordinary mover, mini-storage, or old fashioned warehouse. GAM is a commercial storage provider with a state of the art inventory management system.

The advantages of enterprise storage with GAM
inventory management are many including:

  • No need for in-person handling of items, staff handles all aspects (However, you are very welcome to pick up and deliver yourself if you please).
  • In-house movers and delivery team are available 7 days a week.
  • Use our in-house warehouse inventory management system online to place orders and generate reports.
  • Inventory image verification and destruction date placement on specific items.
  • 24 hour security with alarms and fire monitoring.
  • Careful, trained, and licensed machinery operators.
  • Viewing room for customers who wish to to see their inventory in person.
  • Same day, door-to-door delivery within 3 hours.
  • Local tri-state, and long distance delivery services.
  • Trustworthy and reliable service for commercial storage needs.

Call now and receive a free cost analysis from a GAM commercial storage project manager

Enterprise-level furniture storage and moving

When it comes to large scale furniture storage, GAM Inventory Management is your go-to problem solver. We offer enterprise level furniture storage and moving for hotels, real estate, theater, and event/conference companies with full break-down, managed inventory, and staging after re-delivery.

Established businesses and small businesses, know that GAM offers the New York region’s best commercial, office, and residential furniture storage.

With more than 56 million people traveling through the Big Apple every year, hotel rooms are at a premium

For New York’s hospitality industry, it’s far more cost-effective to utilize their space to maximize their revenue stream, rather than as a place to store their set.

That’s where GAM provides assistance. As one of the leading names in New York storage we have expertise in the unique and evolving storage and logistical needs of the hotel industry.


Our dedicated hospitality moving and storage team is there for hotels every step of the way. Our packers will secure all fine and breakable items and transport goods and furniture anywhere within the Tri-State area. Our storage facilities are spotless, secure and take a 21st Century approach to organization.

For businesses with furniture storage needs, GAM offers short-term and long-term leases. Our clients include many of the Tri-State area’s largest companies, as well as many small businesses.

Our spotless ½ million square foot facility offers 24/7 security with monitored surveillance indoors and outdoors. Each item is barcoded, scanned then logged into our proprietary inventory software the moment it arrives at our facility.

The items are then placed onto a barcoded shelf for organization. Our system has been fine tuned during 30 years of operation as the New York region’s best commercial, office, residential furniture, and decorative arts storage and moving option.

Our transportation and logistical crews are specifically trained in office storage services. We offer daily pickups and deliveries within Manhattan, throughout the Tri-State Area, and long distance destinations.

Office Cubicles

We are expert at uninstalling and installing office cubicles, furniture, and electronics. Our White Glove service allows your employees to focus on their jobs, while our people do all the heavy lifting, including a full cleanup.

Our truck fleet and dozens of packers and movers, give us the flexibility to pack and transport anything from a single item to an entire office. Custom crating is available for valuable and fragile items as well.

Hotel &

New York is the hub of the economic world and one of the most frequently visited cities in the world. With more than 56 million people traveling through the Big Apple every year, hotel rooms are at a premium.

For New York’s hospitality industry, it’s far more cost-effective to utilize their space to maximize their revenue stream.

That’s where GAM comes in. One of the leading names in New York storage also has extensive expertise in the unique and evolving storage and logistical needs of the hotel industry.

GAM is redefining space requirements for a new era by providing a comprehensive array of services that range from packing to shipping to storage.

The hotel industry is like no other. Our discerning hotel industry clients demand precise, timely service. GAM’s Project Managers are specifically trained to listen to clients’ needs, to anticipate and solve challenges, and to ensure that every event goes off without a hitch and on budget.
  • Our dedicated hospitality moving & storage team will be there every step of the way.
  • Our packers will secure all fine and breakable items, and moving teams will transport your goods anywhere within the Tri-State area.
  • Our storage facilities are spotless, secure and take a 21st Century approach to organization.
  • Our security team works round the clock to ensure that your goods remain safe and secure.

Managed Inventory
Services in New
York City

Managed Inventory Services in NewYork City

Hotel Storage

From storing furniture, fixtures, and equipment, to fine china, art, and exclusive wine collections, GAM Inventory Management has a customized storage solution to support your needs. We will be your partner in event planning, renovation, and managing the unexpected.

Restaurant Storage

For New York’s restaurant industry, GAM is redefining space requirements for a new era. We provide a comprehensive array of services, ranging from packaging to shipping to storage. GAM understands that when restaurants best utilize their space, they can maximize their revenue stream. It is a cost-effective approach to business.

Hospitality Storage

For New York’s hospitality industry, it’s far more cost-effective to utilize their space to maximize their revenue stream. That’s where GAM comes in as one of the leading names in New York Storage. GAM has extensive expertise in the unique and evolving storage and logistics inventory management needs of the hotel industry.

Business storage

GAM's Business Services offer unparalleled cost and labor savings with our comprehensive and secure transportation, storage, warehousing, and labor services. GAM's clients include many of the Tri-State area's largest companies, as well as many small businesses. We aim to exceed the many levels of customer demand.

Fashion Storage

GAM has over 30 years of experience in packing delicate one-of-a-kind clothing, mannequins, props, art, etc. Each item is packed in a way to ensure damage-free passage to and from our facilities and any chosen locations.

Retail Storage

GAM’s Retail Service understands the fast-paced retail industry. Stock items and serial numbers must constantly be updated, and every square inch of space is at a premium. GAM can help you keep your profits high, and your labor/ storage costs low, by partnering with you in inventory management and storage.

Non-Profit Storage

For nonprofits, even more than for-profit companies, every penny counts. At the same time, there is no room for disorganization or error. GAM has a variety of services available to help nonprofits save money, while ensuring that day-to-day operations and fundraising events run as smoothly as possible.

Parks and Recreation Storage

Manhattan is the most densely populated city in the United States. Every square foot of real estate, even warehouses, can cost thousands of dollars. Real estate prices throughout the Tri-State area are soaring. Because of that lack of space, private parks and recreation departments are turning to GAM for inventory and storage services.

We can store customized benches, flooring, playground equipment, etc. Our clients include Bryant Park and Highline Park.

Wine Storage

GAM’s Wine Storage facilities have state-of-the-art materials and are equipped with the latest technology. The building is a near fortress of cement and steel. Our facility conforms to all current fire and building codes. The security staff monitors the sprinkler and burglar alarms around the clock, keeping your items safe.

Document Storage

GAM's secure record centers offer the highest-level facilities to date. We use the latest inventory management software, cutting-edge technology, and 1/2 million square feet in climate-controlled storage. Our business center includes 24/7 security, with closed-captioned TV, and on-premise guards.

Storage Solutions

“The success of GAM is due to our hands-on approach to our clients and their needs. All of this translates into a satisfied clientele and long-term relationships.”


Fine Arts Storage

New York City is an economic and cultural hub, but it’s also a renowned center for fine arts.

With over 100 museums, hundreds of galleries, countless private collectors, and even more who simply appreciate art, there is far more art than there is space to keep it – at least in the way it deserves to be kept.

That’s where GAM Fine Art Storage comes in to serve you.

We have more than 20 years of experience and a 150,000 square foot warehouse that’s set up specifically for safe, secure, climate-controlled art storage.

Whether your art collection consists of just one piece, or a full gallery, GAM will ensure that your art is stored in the precise temperatures and conditions recommended by art experts worldwide.


  • Round the clock manned security
  • Closed circuit digital video surveillance
  • Motion detectors
  • All alarm information links to our central DGA-controlled security station
  • AXA Art-approved


  • Crates built onsite
  • Crating specialists are fully trained in art and archival packing
  • All materials are of the finest quality and adhere to International Standards of Phytosanitary Measure (ISPM 15)
  • Each crate barcoded for storage and labeled and banded with detailed packing and handling instructions
  • We offer museum crates, side and top-loading one way crates, standard #2 select pine crates, and fully customizable crates

Contact GAM to discuss your art storage needs.
Call us at 800-798-3411.

Specialized Storage

If you need specialized storage, we can customize storage units and create storage solutions designed specifically for individuals and corporations. Our account managers are experts in devising the perfect storage plan tailored to each client’s needs.

By utilizing the latest technology and equipment, GAM’s specialized storage offers the highest quality storage solutions in all of New York, and across the country.

Our storage facility is monitored 24/7, using burglar alarms, security checkpoints, motion detectors, closed circuit video recording, as well round-the-clock security patrol.

Marketing Products Storage

Whether in retail, wholesale or if your company participates in trade shows/events of any kind, receiving, storing and distribution of promotional products and materials can prove to be a challenge.

GAM can help with those challenges by storing all your marketing projects and material and then deliver them when you need them.

Our services go far beyond that. Drop ship your samples and marketing products to our ½ million square foot warehouse just outside the Holland Tunnel.

They will be barcoded, catalogued, and added to your inventory. GAM will store and transport displays and props for trade shows, conferences, and local events.

As always, GAM maintains the industry’s highest standards for cleanliness, safety, and security.