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GAM is a problem-solver for space.

GAM is a storage solutions logistics company that emphasizes the Tri-State area. We see ourselves as an extension of our customers’ businesses. We learn what a customer’s unique needs are and we find the most efficient, accurate, convenient way to solve them.

We understand the 24/7 demand of the New York City hustle and bustle environment. GAM helps our clients balance the time-saving aspects of modern technology while protecting privacy and security.



GAM is a storage and logistics company who partners with companies to offer safety, security, and regulatory compliance.

Our facility offers ½ million square feet of customizable space with state-of-the-art safety and security. We offer door to door tracking system for your business inventory. We solve space issues in the Tri-State Area. With 30 trucks and dozens of crew members, we have the ability to meet the individual and exacting expectations of our customers. With access to the region’s best electricians, carpenters, and other trades people, we are truly full-service and can solve any supply chain situation, no matter how unique.



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Whether you’re storing furniture, fixtures and equipment, or fine china, fine art, or an exclusive wine collection, GAM Inventory Management has the customized storage solution to support your needs. We can be your partner in event planning, renovation, and managing the unexpected.


For New York’s restaurant industry, GAM is redefining space requirements for a new era. We provide a comprehensive array of services, ranging from packing to shipping to storage. GAM knows that it’s far more cost-effective for a restaurant to utilize their space to maximize their revenue stream.


For New York’s hospitality industry, it’s far more cost-effective to utilize their space to maximize their revenue stream. That’s where GAM comes in. One of the leading names in New York storage, GAM also has extensive expertise in the unique and evolving storage and logistical inventory management needs of the hotel industry.


GAM Wine Storage facilities are state-of-the-art materials and equipped with the latest technology. The building is a near fortress of cement and steel. Our facility conforms to all current fire and building codes. Our security staff monitors the sprinkler and burglar alarms around the clock.


GAM’s secure record centers offer state-of-the-art facilities, the very latest in inventory secure software, cutting-edge technology and ½ million square feet in climate-controlled storage. Our business center capability included 24/7 security with closed-captioned TV and on-premises guards.


The hospitality industry must be among the most flexible in the world. On any given day, a restaurant, event center, or hotel might host a conference, a wedding, a bar mitzvah, or any variety of private functions. Restaurants host parties, office gatherings, and other affairs.


GAM will store and transport displays and props for trade shows, conferences, and local events. As always, GAM maintains the industry’s highest standards for cleanliness, safety, and security. Our temperature-controlled facility is inspected daily by facility managers to ensure proper adherence to code.


For those in the Decorative Art and Design Industries, many items are one of a kind and irreplaceable. That’s why safe handling and complete security are a necessity. Fortunately, at GAM, we have decades of experience and some of the best trained Project Managers and staff in the industry.


GAM offers one of the most sophisticated barcoding software in the world. Every item is scanned the moment it arrives and then placed on a barcoded shelf. When ready for delivery, we scan the barcode when it leaves the shelf and again upon delivery. Accuracy is 100% assured.


GAM’s Business Services offers unparalleled cost and labor savings with our comprehensive and secure transportation, storage, warehousing, and labor services. GAM’s clients include many of the Tri-State area’s largest companies, as well as many small businesses.


GAM offers 30 years experience in packing delicate one-of-a-kind clothing, mannequins, props, art, etc. Each item is packed in a way to ensure damage-free passage to and from our facility, to and from your chosen locations, and while in storage.


With GAM’s Retail Services, we understand the fast-paced retail industry. Stock items and serial numbers must constantly be updated and every square inch of space is at a premium. GAM can help you keep your profits high and your labor and storage costs low by partnering with you in logistics and storage.


For nonprofits, even more than for-profit companies, every penny counts. At the same time, there is no room for disorganization or error. GAM has a variety of services available to help nonprofits save money, while ensuring that day-to-day operations and fundraising events run as smoothly as possible.


Manhattan is the most densely populated city in the United States. Every square foot of real estate, even warehouses, can cost thousands. Real estate prices throughout the Tri-State area are soaring. Because of that lack of space, private parks and recreation departments are turning to GAM for logistical and storage services.

Micha Lang
“The success of GAM is due to our hands-on approach to our clients and their needs. All of this translates into a satisfied clientele and long-term relationships.”


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