New York is at the core of the economic world and one of the most frequently visited cities in the United States.

When it comes to the industries of the big city, it is far more cost-effective to utilize space and simultaneously maximize revenue stream. 

That’s where we come in.

Our team at GAM Inventory Management has extensive expertise in the unique and evolving storage and logistical needs of many different industries. GAM is redefining space requirements for a new era by providing a comprehensive array of services that range from packing to shipping to storage.

GAM Industry Storage Services:

GAM has more than ½ million square feet of storage.

We can accommodate furniture, fixtures, equipment, supplies, seasonal items, food and beverage, even carpets and bricks.

Our wine storage units are humidity and climate controlled to strict specifications. The rooms are vibration-free and offer top-notch security.


Barcode inventory management system

Real-time online tracking for all authorized personnel

Dedicated project management teams

Expert pickups and deliveries

Fully customized reports

State-of-the-art record management software

24/7 customer interface access

Flexible unit and shelving options

Advanced security system


When it comes to moving and storing fine art, GAM’s expertise is like no other.

Our white-glove service treats your art with the care it deserves. We offer customized crating and a variety of packing material designed to transport your art in the safest possible conditions.

Our air ride trucks are climate-controlled trucks to safely transport even the most delicate pieces of art.

  • Easy Pick up
  • Timely Delivery
  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Involvement


Pick-up and delivery orders can be placed online or over the phone. You can request standard next day service, same day service, and rush service.

Dropship your items directly from the factory to our facility or let us pick them up. We can receive, inspect, photograph (upon request), upload into your online inventory, and send you the paperwork.


GAM gets the job done with our expert installers. All packing materials will be discarded.

As with our storage, our trucks are spotless and our crews will leave your location just as clean. We’ll even sweep the floors. For events, GAM will arrive on time. Our expert installers will help with displays, cubicles, electronics and much more.


At our ½ million square foot, temperature-controlled facility, we have security guards on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is 24-hour video surveillance, both inside and out.

All areas contain motion detector lights and sprinkler and burglar alarms. The building conforms to all the latest fire codes and all employees are background checked and uniformed. The facility is inspected daily by facility managers to ensure proper adherence to policies.


GAM uses state-of-the-art barcode technology that allows each of your authorized employees 24/7 access and 24/7 online ability to order services.

We also have a full-time IT support staff.

Our proprietary software provides real-time, 100 percent accurate indexing and cataloging and allows for digital images of all items in storage.

Each item is provided a unique barcode and each item is scanned every step of the way.


With our tracking system, we help clients track their items or projects. GAM provides daily reports to track what has arrived in the facility and what left the facility and when it left.

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Industries We Serve

Hotel & hospitality

The hotel industry is like no other. Our discerning hotel industry clients demand precise and timely service.

Whether you’re storing furniture, fixtures, equipment, fine china, fine art, an exclusive wine collection, or other physical inventory, we will offer customized storage solutions for your needs.

GAM can be your partner in event planning, renovation, and managing the unexpected.


Our dedicated hotel moving team will support your business through every step of the way.

Each item will be safely put away until the exact moment that you need it.

Before long, we will safely deliver your items, with complete real-time tracking available to you and every member of your staff.

Event Management - The process of event

Packing & storage

We will pack and empty all extraneous furniture and accessories and store them in our secured facility.


Subsequently, we will deliver them back when the event is over.


When delivered, every item will be returned to its proper location, leaving the space exactly as it was before the event.


Of all the things New York has to offer, it is perhaps best known for its incredible selection of restaurants. From a bagel and a schmear to a wide array of five-star restaurants in every imaginable type of cuisine, New York has it all.

There are only a few industries that are more fast-paced than the restaurant industry. One day might be business as usual, the next could involve a large party or event and then, back to business as usual.

One moment of downtime can cost our clients thousands. Less than perfect is unacceptable. 

Our discerning restaurant clients demand prompt and clear-cut service. Our storage facilities are spotlessly clean, completely secure, and we take a high-tech approach to organizing your inventory. Furthermore, our security team is on the clock 24/7.

Our dedicated restaurant team will support your business in the field through every step of the way.

You tell us what you want to be moved and we’ll take it out of your way until the exact moment you need it.

Many of the world’s masterpieces hang on the walls of New York restaurants. GAM treats your art with care and consideration.

We offer customized crating and a variety of packing material designed to transport your art in the safest possible conditions.

Our air-ride trucks are climate-controlled trucks for the safe transport of even the most delicate pieces.


Whether you work in retail or wholesale, receiving, storing and distribution of promotional products and materials can prove to be a challenge.

Even if your company participates in trade shows or events of any kind, you want a hassle-free system for handling your inventory. 

GAM can help with those challenges by storing all your marketing products and delivering them when you need them delivered.

We go above and beyond for our clients when it comes to service.

The Process

Dropship your samples and marketing products to our warehouse just outside the Holland Tunnel.
These items will be barcoded, cataloged, and added to your inventory.
GAM will store and transport displays and props for trade shows, conferences, and local events. As always, GAM maintains the industry’s highest standards for cleanliness, safety, and security.

Art and Design

If you work in Decorative Art and Design Industries, you know that many items are one of a kind and irreplaceable. That’s why safe handling and complete security are absolute necessities.

Fortunately, with decades of experience and some of the best-trained Project Managers and staff in the industry, GAM Inventory Management can be your trusted source for logistics and storage.

A recurring challenge for storing art and design items is that items are often, if not usually, odd-shaped and sized.

Our shelving is fully adjustable to store an item of any size or shape. More importantly, you only pay for the space you use.

You can also store seasonal items with us.

There’s no space commitment, so you will only pay for the space used during any given month.

Office Storage

GAM’s Office Storage Services offers unparalleled cost and labor savings with our comprehensive and secure transportation, storage, warehousing, and labor services.

GAM’s clients include many of the Tri-State area’s largest companies, as well as many small businesses.

Your online inventory, with optional digital photographs, is available to your selected staff at any time during the day or night.

This aspect is especially important to companies that need tight control of inventory.

Next day, same day, and even rush delivery options are available to you. You can also have your items delivered directly to our Jersey City warehouse to save transportation fees.

GAM can be more than just your partner in storage, receiving, and fulfillment. We even offer staging areas and workspaces for our clientele with photocopiers, fax services, and telephones.

We also offer forklifts, dollies, hand trucks, pallet jacks, and manpower as needed.

Our transportation and logistical crews are specifically trained in office storage services. We offer daily pickups and deliveries to Manhattan and throughout the Tri-State Area.

We are experts at uninstalling and installing cubicles, office furniture, and electronics.

Our services allow your employees to focus on their jobs, while our people do all the heavy lifting and even a full cleanup.

Our fleet of 30 trucks and dozens of packers and movers allows us the flexibility to pack and transport a single item or an entire office. Custom crating is available for valuable and fragile items.

New York is the financial capital of the world. Privacy and security are more important and more relevant now than at any time in history.
Our company and all of our employees understand the necessity of confidentiality and integrity, not just for the financial industry, but for every industry. Each client’s inventory is only available to authorized members of yours and our teams.

Fashion Design

The fashion industry is dynamic, fluid, and precise. There is no room for errors. A poorly stored item or a single late delivery can mean disaster. GAM has long been the choice of many in New York’s bustling fashion industry to ensure that all inventory is safe, secure, and where it needs to be when it needs to be there. GAM’s ½ million square foot storage facility is located just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, in Jersey City.

Our location allows to efficiently cover all of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the entire Tri-State area.

GAM offers 30 years experience packing delicate one-of-a-kind clothing, mannequins, props, art, etc.

Each item is packed in a way to ensure damage free passage to and from our facility, to and from your chosen locations, and while in storage.

Each item is barcoded and scanned upon receipt in our facility. We can barcode boxes and individual items.

After that, each item’s barcode is uploaded into our proprietary inventory software, giving you and your assigned staff access and ordering capability online- at any time during the day or night.

Upon request, digital images can be part of the inventory.

You can even ship items directly to our warehouse from the manufacturer. We can receive, inspect, upload into the system, and send you the paperwork.

We provide daily reports to track what’s arrived in the facility and what’s left in the facility and when.

Many fashion houses rely on GAM to store archives of previous years’ collections. Our tracking system helps designers track items for each and every one of their projects.


We understand how fast-paced and demanding the retail industry can be. Stock must constantly be updated and every square inch of space is at a premium.

GAM can help you keep your profits high and your labor and storage costs low by partnering with you in logistics and storage.

Whether for excess stock, new items, decor or display cases, our spotless storage facility will accommodate each and every item.

Unlike self-storage, you will pay only for space that you actually use at GAM. We can store your items long-term, short-term, or for events and trade shows.


For nonprofits, every penny counts and there is no room for disorganization or error.

GAM has a variety of services available to help nonprofits save money, while ensuring that day to day operations and fundraising events run as smoothly as possible.

GAM works with a number of nonprofits, including private schools, hospitals, retirement homes, churches, synagogues, and hospitals to name just a few. We can assist you in coordinating fundraising events, with donation collection and all of your other logistical and warehousing needs.

GAM’s logistical teams are some of the most meticulously trained in the industry. Our expert installers can uninstall and install office furniture, cubicles, church pews, even playground equipment.

Our spotless warehouse, located in Jersey City, is the ideal space to store donations, furniture, displays, and marketing items used in fundraising.

You can coordinate multiple donation collections using our trucks and facility. 

For hospitals, we can even store research equipment, electric beds and other equipment that needs to be kept off-site.

Nonprofits utilize our storage for both long-term and short-term needs.

By simply picking up the phone or placing an online order, your staff can coordinate on-time delivery to events and pickup from events, even if both are during the same day.

With our proprietary inventory management system, authorized members of your staff can view your inventory at any time. We can even upload digital images of one-of-a-kind items.

Parks & Recreation

Manhattan is the most densely populated city in the United States. Every square foot of real estate can cost thousands. Real estate prices throughout the Tri-State area are soaring.

Due to the inevitable lack of space, private parks and recreation departments are turning to GAM for logistical and storage services.

Our facility is conveniently located across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Partnering with GAM is in your best interest when it comes to storing seasonal items, such as snow removal or landscaping equipment. 

We can store customized benches, flooring, playground equipment, etc. We can even store oversized and bulky items.

Unlike self-storage, you will never pay for more space than you use. Our clients include Bryant Park and we even store Highline Park rails. 24/7 security guards and cameras, both inside and out, assure that your items will be safe.

Pickups and deliveries are available next day, same day, and we even offer rush deliveries. With 30 trucks and dozens of movers, we can handle any sized shipment – from a single item to acres of playground equipment.

To save transportation costs, you can have items shipped directly to our warehouse.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities

We understand how difficult it is to organize your students’ move-ins and move-outs that all occur in a concise period of time.

GAM Inventory Management can help your university to arrange and organize the moving days and to provide storage for summer break.

Our trained movers have years of experience packing, handling large volume relocations, and storing students’ belongings in New York and New Jersey.

Moreover, in any school, there is always plenty of equipment, documents, and furniture that need to be safely stored for its future use. GAM’s climate-controlled storage is the perfect solution because it ensures protection from humidity or temperature caused damages like mold, wood cracks, or rust.

Why Choose GAM

The goal of each and every member of our staff is to save you money, time and to free your employees to focus on their jobs. Our hand-chosen Project Managers take a holistic approach to every client’s needs.

The team at GAM will deliver on time with complete communication through your hand-picked project managers – all while assuring that every item in our care is picked up as expected, kept safe and secure, and delivered at the agreed-upon time.

GAM’s Project Managers are specifically trained to

Listen to your needs

Anticipate and Solve Challenges

Ensure that every event goes off without a hitch and on budget


Our dedicated hospitality moving and storage team will be there every step of the way.

Our packers will secure all fine and breakable items.

Our moving teams transport your goods anywhere within the Tri-State area.

Our storage facilities are spotless, secure, and take a 21st Century approach to organization.

Our security team works round the clock to ensure that your goods remain safe and secure.

To find out how we can work with you to save you money and time.


We can be your behind the scenes partner in helping you run shows, events, and your entire business.