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Commercial Document Storage Services

Commercial Document Storage Services

In the 21st Century, security is one of the top concerns of nearly every world leader and corporate CEO, and for good reason. Now, more than ever, companies need robust protection in a remote location. Let GAM be one of the key components of your document security protocols.

GAM’s secure-record centers offer state-of-the-art facilities, the very latest in secure software, cutting edge technology and ½ million square feet in climate-controlled storage and business center capability.

GAM Facilities Include:

    • Customized shelving to accommodate any size box
    • 24/7 security with closed-captioned TV and on-premises guards
    • Superior fire protection systems
    • Comfortable, private business center suites for on-site viewing
    • Large staging area
    • Full office amenities

Document Management Technology

Even the most stringent security system is worth nothing without an accurate and intuitive inventory system. GAM was among the pioneers in barcode technology, providing you the ability to track each box and each record throughout the chain-of-custody. GAM’s barcoding system also helps ensure confidentiality and compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations.

Each records file, each storage container, and if desired, even individual record, receives a unique and discrete barcode identification number and is placed on a barcoded shelf within our Offsite Data Storage Centers. This ensures 100 percent accurate tracking.

All GAM Records Center personnel and all trucks carry laser scanners. Each driver carries a portable scanner and a portable printer for real-time chain-of-custody receipts and tracking. All pickups and deliveries are monitored in real time via our proprietary real-time fleet management and performance software, Digital Dispatch. Each truck has a wireless radio and is in constant contact with GAM’s Dispatching Group. Our in-house cyber security team, which includes Application Developers, Systems Engineers, and Telecommunications Specialists, is constantly monitoring all systems, ensuring complete security and seamless tracking.

GAM eAccess provides clients with real-time web-based customizable inventory control. Each client can assign variable levels of security clearance to employees. Real-time ordering can provide next day, same day, or even immediate digital records delivery. Inventory reports are designed around your criteria, meaning records can be located in an instance.

Customer Service

While GAM is known for its forward-thinking, industry-leading technology, it’s our customer service that makes us the leader in comprehensive commercial storage solutions. Our customer service and delivery is never outsourced. Our locally based representatives are available 24/7, throughout the year. All drivers and GAM employees are extensively trained and adhere to strict procedures and protocols.

Reduce Risk

In today’s changing political climate, it can be a challenge to keep up with new and constantly evolving regulatory requirements. GAM does that for you. We can act as your protection against crippling fines, penalties, and sanctions by working with you to ensure you are in complete compliance.

Our accurate chain-of-custody records lower your risk in litigation and in investigations. The ability to search makes legal discovery far more streamlined and more cost and time-effective. Our PrecisionPLUS barcode tracking system ensures complete accuracy and around-the-clock accessibility. Every box, and if desired, every record, will have a thorough chain-of-custody map, ensuring fast retrieval and no misplaced records.

GAM adheres to AICPA/Service Organization Control (SOC) Reports (formerly SAS 70), ISO 9000:2008, HIPAA and Statement of Standards for Attestation Engagement (SSAE) regulations for information and data.

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