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Commercial storage services in NYC

Commercial Storage

Whether your company needs extra space for long-term needs, or simply a temporary arrangement for renovation or for events, GAM offers storage and logistical services for companies of all sizes and all types, with a specialty in the hospitality and design industries. Our ½ million square foot storage facility is centrally located just outside the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City.

At GAM, our clients don’t pay for rooms with space that can’t be utilized. With our fully customizable storage options, clients pay only for the space they use. Our facility is spotlessly clean, with 24/7 state-of-the-art security, with both guards and fully monitored cameras, inside and out.

Every storage area is barcoded and every item in our storage is barcoded; misplacing an item is nearly impossible. Each item is uploaded into our proprietary inventory management system, which allows authorized members of your staff to view the inventory any time through our user-friendly online portal. Digital images are available. Even single items within boxes can be barcoded and retrieved for delivery. Orders can be placed 24/7/365. We offer next-day delivery, same-day, and even rush delivery. You can even have items delivered directly to our warehouse to save transportation fees.

GAM’s expert installers can install and uninstall office furniture, cubicles, electronics and even playground equipment. We work with many of the Tri-State area’s best electricians, painters, carpenters, and even cleaning crews giving you the option of a full White Glove Service. Our packers will ensure that every item is returned to you in the same condition as when we picked it up. For valuable, rare, and especially fragile items, we offer custom crating.

Today, more than ever, confidentiality and security are more than just buzzwords. Your customers demand that their data is handled with extreme care and you demand the same of us. Each member of our team is required to pass a rigid background check. Your inventory is only accessible to the most seasoned authorized members of our staff.

Our project managers are hand-chosen based on the scope and size of the project. Your project manager will partner with your staff to ensure that your event, show, conference or basic storage need goes off without a hitch and on budget.

Find out more about GAM’s customized commercial storage solutions by calling 800-798-3411.