The Props Behind The Design: GAM’s Role in Fashion

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There are many components to producing a fashion show or photo shoot. There are makeup artists, sound designers, and of course the fashion designer. Fashion production designers are some of the unspoken heroes of the fashion industry. They quite literally create the environment of the fashion show/shoot.

Set design is a partnership between the fashion designer and production designer. Fashion production designers do not only provide support for the clothing designed, but the set in itself is a work of art.

Every fashion production designer has their own way of coming up with ideas and finding materials just like any artist does. Mary Howard, who has done production design for Vogue, as well as countless other high-end companies and designers in the fashion industry, says she draws inspiration from the past and adds a little twist. Another high-end fashion production designer, Stefan Beckman, who is a longtime collaborator with Marc Jacobs and has a long history in the fashion world, once said in response to a question about working with Marc Jacobs, “Sometimes it could be a visual of a shoot or something he has seen editorially. Or it could also be a shoe, or an attitude. I’ll come back with a few visual references that I think could be good conversation starters. A lot of it could generally be anything. Art, architecture, film, a bit of music, could be a dance performance…” Inspiration always comes from the world that surrounds us.

The props and sets often change at the very last minute. When the models arrive, sometimes something doesn’t seem quite appropriate anymore. Production design is a fluid process. Mary Howard says, “We are the first to arrive to set and the last to leave.” Every prop and paint color is carefully chosen to enhance and highlight the clothing exhibited. They don’t get much attention, but fashion production designers are crucial contributors to the fashion world and the way we view fashion today.

GAM comes in at either end of the production process. GAM stores, delivers, and picks up pedestals, display cases, set pieces, props, mannequins, and anything else that a high-end fashion brand may need stored. These can be items from storefront windows, trade shows, or fashion shows. Jewelers have a pedestal for each individual item showcased. GAM is the perfect partner for a jewelry or fashion design brand because every display has a place to go at the end of the day. GAM provides a secure and easy way to store these items and access them when needed. Jewelers and fashion brands don’t have to worry about transporting their items to and from locations because GAM will provide this service along with managing the inventory delivered. GAM works to make the process as convenient as possible.