The High Line – How GAM Serves NYC’s Parks

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Sunshine, blue skies, and warm weather – summer is here! Where do people spend their time in New York City during the summer? The answer is the parks. New York City is home to Central Park along with smaller parks such as Bryant Park and The High Line. Who stores the supplies for maintaining parks such as these? GAM Inventory Management does. The High Line, the only park of its kind in the United States, uses GAM to store items such as extra irrigation pipes, benches, and cement.

Manhattan’s West Side Elevated Line, as the High Line was originally called, was built in 1934.The elevated rail was created in order to save lives. Previously, there had been a rail that ran at street level along Tenth Avenue. Tenth Avenue obtained the name Death Avenue because the trains all too often collided with citizens. The High Line was New York City’s solution. Although this was not the first elevated line in Manhattan, what was unique about its design was that it travelled between city blocks instead of over traffic. Trains could now deliver goods directly into warehouses and buildings along their path. The High Line ran for many years until finally ceasing operation in 1980. This was due to trucking which had steadily become the preferred form of transporting goods.

The creation of the High Line that we know today began in 1999. Area residents Joshua David and Robert Hammond started a community group, Friends of the High Line, dedicated to turning the High Line into an elevated park-greenway, but the High Line has a much longer history. Ten years of planning and three years of construction went into the High Line. In 2009 the first section was opened to the public. The High Line’s abandoned tracks which had been left to the pigeons and grown over with wildflowers suddenly became one of New York City’s most visited locations, receiving 6,000,000 visitors a year. The park contains the original tracks, custom made wooden benches, and a peaceful place to relax and read a book or watch the sunset. The High Line is unique because of its combination of urban and green space.

The High Line isn’t the only park served by GAM Inventory Management. Bryant Park, which is known for showing movies on its lawn during the summer and for having an ice skating rink in the winter, uses GAM to store seasonal maintenance items such as snowblowers in the summer and lawnmowers in the winter. These items are stored for as long as needed and made easily accessible by GAM. GAM Inventory Management works behind the scenes to create the spaces we all know and love.