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commercial inventory management

Inventory Management

GAM has gathered experts from across the business spectrum to become New York’s leader in commercial storage solutions and inventory management.

With over ½ million square feet of storage, GAM stores and catalogues all of your assets, including raw materials, materials and components, works in progress (WIPs) and finished goods. We offer each of our clients unparalleled cost savings, efficiency, accuracy and accountability.

GAM has been New York’s leader in logistics and warehousing for nearly 30 years. Over that time, technology has changed, as have security and privacy concerns. That’s why GAM has invested millions into our state-of-the-art Inventory Management System and security systems.


Upon arrival at GAM’s facility, each of your stock items is barcoded and logged through our tracking system. After receiving the shipment at our spotlessly clean warehouse, it is scanned and placed on a barcoded shelf. With up-to-the-minute updates to the client database, your authorized staff will have complete inventory control of each item, 24 hours a day.

GAM’s warehouse offers secure storage support for:

FF&E (furniture, fixture & equipment)
OS&E (operating supplies and equipment)
F&B equipment (food and beverage)
Seasonal Items

GAM also offers staging for renovation and post renovation


24/7 security with digital monitoring
Centrally located to manage inventory for the entire Tri-State Area
½ million square feet of storage
Comprehensive fire prevention systems
Flexible shelving to accommodate all sized items


Expert pick-up and deliveries of your salesorder
3 hour rush deliveries available
Packing, packing materials and unpacking
Service for Buyouts, Junkets & Special Events
Shipping throughout the Continental United States


Total Recall inventory management software
Barcoding inventory system
24 hour/day customer interface access
Fully customized reports of stock levels


All personnel are required to pass thorough background checks
All personnel are graduates of the industry’s finest training program and are skilled problem solvers
All personnel live and work in the Tri-State Area
24 hour security personnel
Project managers are hand-picked based on each client’s needs

Contact GAM at 800-798-3411 for a free Inventory Management System consultation. See how we can save you money and manpower.