What’s the Latest Trend in the Hotel Industry and How is GAM Involved?

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There is a growing demand for unique accommodations and personalized experiences in the hotel industry. Boutique hotels give customers more than just a room to stay the night; they develop a creative environment designed for leisure. Ian Shrager and Steve Rubell are credited with coining the term “boutique hotel.” Mr. Schrager started the trend by opening the Morgans Hotel in Manhattan during 1984. Boutique hotels have steadily become more popular in the past six years. Every boutique hotel has its highlights that add to a luxurious and unique stay. For instance, The Crosby Street Hotel located in SoHo offers its guests access to a 99 seat screening room, a fully equipped gym, and a rooftop garden, which provides fresh produce to the hotel’s head chef. The Mercer Hotel, also located in SoHo, has world renowned chef Jean-George Vongerichten heading their restaurant. Every detail from the linens on the bed to the location are there for your pleasure.

But there is one thing that boutique hotels lack and that is space. GAM Inventory Management works as an extension of boutique hotels to provide a personalized and efficient way to manage both hotel and restaurant storage. Every item that GAM receives is inspected, photographed, and given a unique barcode. Following these procedures, the items are scanned to a specific shelf in the warehouse. GAM’s tracking system and software allow hotels to quickly and easily assess or request items at any time. Now, when you log in, you can see an image of each item. For the hotel industry, this is extremely useful because of how often there are change overs in management. A new manager now has a straightforward way to look up and receive inventory when necessary. For example, now that spring is here and summer’s just around the corner, hotels will need outdoor furniture that has been stored with GAM all winter. GAM will deliver the furniture when requested and be there at the end of the season when it needs to be picked up and stored until the next year. GAM stores everything from napkins, rollaway bed, to marketing products for hotels, and If there is inventory that the hotel no longer wants or needs, GAM will liquidate these items for them.

GAM provides an experience of efficiency and reliability. Inventory management may not be as glamorous as staying at a boutique hotel, but it is an important component in the hotel industry. Luxury hotels use GAM in order to provide their customers with an enjoyable stay, and GAM, with more than 1/2 million square feet of storage space, is ready to serve.