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New York Commercial Moving Company - GAM

Enterprise-level furniture storage and moving

When it comes to large scale furniture storage, GAM Inventory Management is your go-to problem solver. We offer enterprise level furniture storage and moving for hotels, real estate, theater, and event and conference companies with full break-down, managed inventory, and staging after re-delivery. Established businesses know that GAM offers the New York region’s best commercial, office, and residential furniture storage.

With more than 56 million people traveling through the Big Apple every year, hotel rooms are at a premium.For New York’s hospitality industry, it’s far more cost-effective to utilize their space to maximize their revenue stream, rather than as a place to store their set. That’s where GAM comes in. One of the leading names in New York storage also has extensive expertise in the unique and evolving storage and logistical needs of the hotel industry. Our dedicated hospitality moving and storage team is there for hotels every step of the way. Our packers will secure all fine and breakable items. Our moving teams will transport goods and furniture anywhere within the Tri-State area. Our storage facilities are spotless, secure and take a 21st Century approach to organization.

Choose GAM Inventory Management for large scale warehousing and staging of furniture in New York

For Businesses with furniture storage needs, GAM offers short term and long term leases. Our clients include many of the Tri-State area’s largest companies, as well as many small businesses.
Our spotless ½ million square foot facility offers 24/7 state-of-the-art security with monitored cameras, inside and outside. Each item is barcoded, scanned and logged into our proprietary inventory software the moment it arrives at our facility. Each item is then placed onto a barcoded shelf. This process is important for businesses that need tight control of inventory. Our system has been fine tuned during 30 years of operation as the New York region’s best commercial, office, residential furniture, and decorative arts storage and moving option.

GAM offers the New York region’s best commercial, office, and residential furniture storage.

Our transportation and logistical crews are specifically trained in office storage services. We offer daily pickups and deliveries to Manhattan, throughout the Tri-State Area, and long distance. We are expert at uninstalling and installing cubicles, office furniture and electronics. Our White Glove services allow your employees to focus on their jobs, while our people do all the heavy lifting and will even do a full cleanup. Our fleet of 30 trucks and dozens of packers and movers allows us the flexibility to pack and transport a single item or an entire office. Custom crating is available for valuable and fragile items.

Call us today for a free cost analysis of your furniture storage and moving needs. Our project managers are standing by. 1-800-798-3411