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parks and recreation storage

Parks & Recreation Storage

Manhattan is the most densely populated city in the United States. Every square foot of real estate can cost thousands. Real estate prices throughout the Tri-State area are soaring. Because of that lack of space, private parks and recreation departments are turning to GAM for logistical and storage services.

Our facility, which is impeccably clean, is conveniently located across the Hudson River from Manhattan is ideal for storing seasonal items such as snow removal equipment and landscaping equipment. We can store customized benches, flooring, playground equipment, etc. We can even store oversized and bulky items. Unlike with self storage, you will never pay for more space than you use. Our clients include Bryant Park and we even store Highline Park rails. 24/7 security guards and cameras, both inside and out, assure that your items will be safe.

Our staff, from project managers to packers, are expertly trained and comply with rigorous background checks and adhere to strict confidentiality rules. The goal of each and every member of our staff is to save you money, time and to free your employees to focus on their jobs. Our Project Managers will work with you to determine the best strategy to make that happen.

Upon receival, GAM will barcode each item, place it in a barcoded storage area and enter it into our proprietary inventory management software. The system is available 24/7 to authorized members of your staff and orders can be placed online anytime or over the phone, whichever you prefer. Digital pictures are available upon request.

Pickups and deliveries are available next day, same day and we even offer rush deliveries. With 30 trucks and dozens of movers, we can handle any sized shipment – from a single item to acres of playground equipment. To save transportation costs, you can have items shipped directly to our warehouse.

Contact GAM at 800-798-3411 for a free, no obligation consultation on your upcoming storage or transportation needs.