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Commercial Marketing Products Storage

Marketing Products Storage

Whether in retail, wholesale or if your company participates in trade shows or events of any kind, receiving, storing and distribution of promotional products and materials can prove to be a challenge. GAM can help with those challenges by storing all your marketing projects and material and then deliver them when you need them.

Our services go far beyond that. Drop ship your samples and marketing products to our ½ million square foot warehouse just outside the Holland Tunnel. They will be barcoded, catalogued and added to your inventory.

GAM will store and transport displays and props for trade shows, conferences and local events. As always, GAM maintains the industry’s highest standards for cleanliness, safety and security. The facility is inspected daily by facility managers to ensure proper adherence to code. GAM’s facility is temperature controlled.

GAM uses state-of-the-art barcode technology that allows each of your authorized employees 24/7 access and 24/7 online ability to order services. We have a full-time IT support staff. Our proprietary software provides real-time, 100 percent accurate indexing and cataloging and allows for digital images of all items in storage. Each item is provided a unique barcode and each item is scanned every step of the way.

We have security guards on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is 24 hour video surveillance, both inside and out. All areas contain motion detector lights and sprinkler and burglar alarms. The building conforms to all the latest fire codes. All employees are background checked and uniformed.

GAM can be more than just your partner in storage, receiving and fulfillment. We even offer staging areas and work spaces for our clientele. Photocopiers, fax services and telephones are available. We also offer forklifts, dollies, hand trucks, pallet jacks and manpower as needed.

Call GAM at 800-798-3411 to discuss your marketing product storage and fulfillment needs.