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Commercial Hotel Storage

Hotel & Hospitality Storage

New York is the hub of the economic world and one of the most frequently visited cities in the world. With more than 56 million people traveling through the Big Apple every year, hotel rooms are at a premium.

For New York’s hospitality industry, it’s far more cost-effective to utilize their space to maximize their revenue stream. That’s where GAM comes in. One of the leading names in New York storage also has extensive expertise in the unique and evolving storage and logistical needs of the hotel industry.

GAM is redefining space requirements for a new era by providing a comprehensive array of services that range from packing to shipping to storage.

The hotel industry is like no other. Our discerning hotel industry clients demand precise, timely service. GAM’s Project Managers are specifically trained to listen to clients’ needs, to anticipate and solve challenges and to ensure that each and every event goes off without a hitch and on budget.

Our dedicated hospitality moving and storage team will be there every step of the way. Our packers will secure all fine and breakable items. Our moving teams transport your goods anywhere within the Tri-State area. Our storage facilities are spotless, secure and take a 21st Century approach to organization. Our security team works round the clock to ensure that your goods remain safe and secure.

Whether you’re storing furniture, fixtures and equipment, or fine china, fine art or an exclusive wine collection, GAM has the customized storage solutions for your needs. GAM can be your partner in event planning, renovation and in managing the unexpected.

Our dedicated hotel moving team will support businesses in the field through every step of the way. Each item will be safely put away until the exact moment you need it. At which point, we will safely deliver, with complete real-time tracking available to every member of your staff.

GAM has more than ½ million square feet of storage. We can accommodate furniture, fixtures, equipment, supplies, seasonal items, food and beverage, even carpets and bricks.

Our wine storage units are humidity and climate controlled to strict specifications. The rooms are vibration free and offer top notch security.

GAM is expert at moving and storing fine art. Our white glove service treats your art with the care it deserves. We offer customized crating and a variety of packing material designed to transport your art in the safest possible conditions. Our air ride trucks are climate controlled trucks for safe transport of even the most delicate pieces of art.

Most security experts recommend businesses keep their records in a safe off-site facility, which is why we offer GAM Document Storage. At GAM Document Storage, we offer private rooms, staging areas, state-of-the-art fire suppression systems, which adhere to the National Fire Protection Association rules, secure shredding services, full office amenities and round the clock security, which includes closed-circuit television and on-site security personnel.

GAM Hospitality Storage Services Offers:

  • Barcode inventory management system
  • Real-time online tracking for all authorized personnel
  • Dedicated project management teams
  • Expert pick ups and deliveries
  • Fully customized reports
  • State-of-the-art record management software
  • 24/7 customer interface access
  • Flexible unit and shelving options
  • Advanced security system

Call us at 800-798-3411 for a free consultation. Your project manager will work with your needs and with your budget to provide the finest moving and storage services within the hospitality industry.