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Decorative Art and Interior Design

Art & Design Storage

For those in the Decorative Art and Design Industries, many items are one of a kind and irreplaceable. That’s why safe handling and complete security are a necessity. Fortunately, GAM, with decades of experience and some of the best trained Project Managers and staff in the industry, can be your trusted source for logistics and storage.

A recurring challenge for storing art and design items is that items are often, if not usually, odd shaped and sized. GAM has the solution. Our shelving is fully adjustable to store any size and any shape. Even more importantly, you only pay for the space you use. Store seasonal items with us. There’s no space commitment, so you’ll only pay for the space used during any given month.

Our ½ million square foot facility is spotlessly clean. We have 24/7 security, including security guards, installed cameras, and adherence to all fire and safety codes.

Our team will deliver on time with complete communication through your hand-picked project managers. We understand the high end antique world.

Drop ship your items directly from the factory to our facility, or let us pick them up. We offer both next day, same day and rush deliveries, and all can be scheduled online or over the phone. We can receive, inspect, photograph (upon request), upload into your online inventory and send you the paperwork.

GAM offers one of the most sophisticated barcoding software packages in the world. Every item is scanned the moment it arrives and then placed on a barcoded shelf. When ready for delivery, we scan the barcode when it leaves the shelf and again upon delivery. Accuracy is 100% assured.

Save money with our online ordering system. Your inventory is available online 24 hours a day through our proprietary web portal. Assign access to your full or partial inventory as you choose.

With our tracking system, we help designers track each project based on project name. We provide daily reports to track what’s arrived in the facility and what left the facility and when it left.

Our White Glove Service will complete the job with expert installers. All packing materials will be discarded. We even sweep the floor.

Contact GAM at 800-798-3411 for a free consultation.